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Our Process


At Absolute Landscaping, we have a thorough process for each and every project we work on, whether big or small. From the initial contact and site visit, to quoting and design, to the actual installation and final completion. Every step is an important one and we want to ensure our Customers have peace of mind from start to finish.

Step 1: On-site Consultation

Absolute will meet with you, the client; to discuss in detail, your project requirements. At this time, we will obtain all measurements, information about the project, and all elevation shots as required.

Step 2: Design & Construction Estimate

A detailed assessment of the project will be provided based on the information obtained during the on-site consultation. 

Step 3: Detailed Landscape Contract

Upon Estimate approval, a detailed Landscape Contract will be created to outline project details, warranty information and scheduling.

Step 4: Project Execution

Sit back, relax and we'll take it from here!

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